Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why I Love Christmas

It is difficult to pinpoint a single reason why Christmas is so great.

Yes, the Word hath become flesh and dwelt among us. We have beheld His glory. Objectively, this is the reason we must not forget. This truth is insatiable. We can pursue it’s meaning, but we can never fully grasp it. This is what makes truth True and beauty Beautiful. I do not devalue this statement and I contradict my opening statement, for this is the only reason as to why we even have Christmas.

Apart from this reason however, there are some things we can grasp that makes Christmas wonderful.

Egg Nog and Peppermint Ice Cream: Somehow, the holidays just are not complete without these two present. To not have either present is as egregious as not having birthday cake at a birthday party or no Turkey on Thanksgiving. I suppose I could just put food in general, but I thought it would be particularly special out these two favorites. :)

Children: Children just seem happier at this time of the year. I love watching the expression of children as they joyfully receive a new present. This is a time where they understand what it means to give and receive and maybe for once, you can trick a child into believe that Santa Claus really does exist. It is fun and their smiles are priceless. No matter what a child receives on Christmas morning, he will often act like Ralphie did when he received his Red Ryder BB Gun in A Christmas Story.

Family: There are happy family gatherings and there are awkward family gatherings. Either way, family members who may only see each other once a year get together for at least a day of fellowship. Spending time with extended family has always been a special memory for me when I was a child, so spending time with extended family is just a good feeling altogether.

Music: I don’t agree with the people who say Christmas music must be played at just Christmas time for it to mean something. I rebel and often play Christmas music during the middle of the year. That’s just how good Christmas music is. Nevertheless, it’s always extra special during the appropriate time of the year.

Love: Who actually knows what love (eros) is or what it looks like…but during the Christmas season, everyone just feels like they have to be extra romantic. Even if it’s cheesy or sometimes forced, I enjoy watching it. Romance is always fun to watch (unless you’re a Sigma couple on the couch). In case you think this particular section is about you or a particular person, you’re just wrong. Love is a beautiful thing for anyone. Maybe it’s the lights or the beautiful decorations or the smell of cider in the air; or maybe it’s the fact that we celebrate this holiday to remember the greatest act of love ever shown. May we spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out how to love a person more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.

Home: Home has a new meaning now that I spend ¾ of my year at college. Christmas means being home. I can finally understand the power behind the lyrics for “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” Being home on such a family driven holiday is so special it is sometimes indescribable. The feeling I get when I am home is often indescribable as well. I’ll leave it at that.

Don’t forget the baby in the manger, the holiness of Mary, the humility, the decent and the ascension of Christ.

But certainly don’t forget to enjoy your time with the family, to cherish your time at home, to love someone special a little more, to crank up the Christmas music louder than normal, to smile with the children who seem just a tad bit happier, and most surely, don’t forget the Egg Nog and the Peppermint Ice Cream.


mel g said...

1. i love reading your posts. thank you always for them.
2. i can't believe you used the word "egregious"
3. hooray for more love!

Hanonymous said...

I love how you go super-deep but then end off with ice cream.

good priorities/balance, there.